DR. STUART KAUFFMAN is an American medical doctor, theoretical biologist,
and complex systems researcher who studies the origin of life on Earth.

Stuart was a Marshall Scholar at the University of Oxford and is currently Emeritus
Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and Affiliate Faculty at the
Institute for Systems Biology. He has a number of awards including a MacArthur
Fellowship and a Wiener Medal. Stuart was Faculty in Residence at the Santa Fe Institute
where he developed models exploring autocatalytic sets in origin of life research, gene
regulatory networks in developmental biology, and fitness landscapes in evolutionary
biology. With Marc Ballivet, he holds the founding broad biotechnology patents in
combinatorial chemistry and applied molecular evolution in France, England, and the U.S.

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    Synd att jag missar detta. Vill önska ett jätte ”Lycka Till”!!!! Hälsa alla inblandade.

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